Sunday, June 14, 2015

Closing time

This was my last week. It was aweful
Wednesday we all ate lunch like a little family me Kate larkins and Hoffman (sadly Horton was unable to attend) but I knew the end was coming we literally sat at lunch talking forever reminiscing of the good times we had...
Thursday I was with officer larkins and it was cool because Cruz was also there so that was fun getting to see them before I took off and it was the last time I would see mellor and larkins as their intern so it was emotional...
But Friday by far was the hardest I drove with Horton all day and he is my favorite out of them it's a really close race but he definitely is my fav... And as we are driving these depressing ass songs come on like the one in furious 7 with wiz.. And as it became time to leave he handed me a card and said man I'm really gonna miss you and stuck his hand out for a pound and I was like bump that bro give me hug πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now I'm all sad but I think I'm going to visit them on Monday because I did thoroughly enjoy my time there and the memories I made have I feel impacted my idea for what I want to do in the future and hopefully one day I get to be alongside those guys not as an intern but as a fellow officer... This is your intern Noah Tyler signing off "4688 I'll be clear"

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Week 16 was cut short again because I had another prom on Friday..
Wednesday we drove around with officer Horton both Kate and I which means I was in the back of the squad car we went to a motel in the area for a call about property damage when we got there the owner said he was going to kick out the people because they broke the door but it wasn't the ladies some guy did it but he left the scene

Thursday was slow we had next to no calls but we pulled one person over and wrote him a speeding ticket because officer larkins is radar certified... I learned that unless you are radar certified even if they speed outrageously and you see it on radar... You cannot pull over without the cert. you could write a reckless

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lock out

Wednesday was a slow day we drove around pulled people over but other than a stop that's all we did.... But on Thursday it was wild...
We got called out to help the DOD for a strong armed robbery where suspects fled on foot into the woods we got there and they had one of the 3 in custody but they started to serch for the other than we got sent to the schools to "guard" them because the incident happened very close to the north Hanover elementary schools.... We stayed there until everyone was in custody I didn't end up leaving until 5:30 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ there were sooo many state troopers 
Friday was okay we cleaned the cars and I rolled with Hoffman.... I had to leave at 2 cuz I was very late to work the night before but it was fun we ate lunch at the same place mellor always does QandD and then I left pretty uneventful 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Super Troopers

Rolling around with my main man Cruz on Wednesday was as always enjoyable. He is such a funny guy and we talk about some funny stuff but when its time to get serious we do, Hoffman was there as well and I didn't ride with him tho but when we were at the station it was cool. we mainly rolled around pulled a couple cars over went to a call in which a man was flown from a horse. We arrived to fin the man laying in your casual child watching tv pose. we talked to him to get a general idea of what happened. apparently the cart he was in hit a pole propelling him forward and his arm was then broken, EMT arrived and rolled him onto the cart and they got him out. I also got to pet a horse!!!

Thursday I was with Hoffman and we whipped around eating sunflower seeds and pulling people over, getting to talk to him was cool he told me about his time with Collingswood PD and then we talked about the future and plans and all that stuff.. I got to tell you doing this internship makes me want to be a police officer. I am already trying to find out if next year I can earn college credits doing an internship like this one. but back to our day we pulled one car over for a expired reg which I found out is the best ticket to write because all the money goes to the PD. normally with tickets a percentage goes to the PD but with that ticket it all goes so woot woot we did good.

Friday I was with "PARTNEIRS" which are my two favs, Officer Horton and Larkins. I was with Larkins and we drove around and sat at a couple spots wrote a guy for being on the phone, we plan on doing some community policing next week so I am very excited about that. That is where the police become an active member in the community IE playing basketball with the kids or soccer or something along the lines of interacting and having a good time. Also Officer Horton and I have the same haircut so yea were basically the coolest in the game... they showed me how to begin a report which he said he will teach me the rest next week so I gotta take notes. and that's  basically what we did. I also realized I need to take a lot of photos so get ready or next week...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Scoping out

On Wednesday we spent some time staking out and looking through the scope watching people but the craziest part was when one person who we has been watching for an hour or so came out of nowhere and was right in front of the squad cars clearly under the  influence of some drugs but he just talked to an officer and he went on his way. Today showed me the kind of different worlds you have the traffic aspect of the job and then there is that detective ish side both with the same level of unknown..
Thursday I was with officer larkins and we were called out to a house squad call which actually lasted a while it wasn't just a pick up I guess.. Then we drive around and tried to do some traffic before we went back to the station to do paperwork we didn't have anyone pulled over so we just talked about stuff and he and officer Horton told me I should come back and intern when I turn 18... I guess it's safe to say they like me,
Friday was the worst... At 8am there was a MVA (motor vehicle accident) in which a guy ran into the back of a fully loaded dump truck... Going 60... The dump truck was stationary... This is what I had to look foward to and this is what we did all day... Sat in the squad cars and kept the road closed because the towing company was having trouble moving the dump truck so from 11 all the way till 3 (when I leave) we were in the cars making sure nobody came through the barricade that was set up... It was exhausting 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stake day

We did a stakeout all day I cannot say where or why but it was a great time... One would think staring through binoculars all day is boring but it was quite fun I really liked it much more than the traffic portion of the job. Hopefully we will bust the people before I get done the internship.
The chaplain took us out to lunch which was great and getting to meet him and hear stories from him and srgt Wells was great and there were plenty of laughs at the table. Officer Horton and I than drove around pulling over cars and such. After that we had to go do the bank run than paperwork back at the office 

I rode around with officer Larkins and we mainly worked traffic and talked about police and academy life. Until we had a call about a lady stating she was going to burn down a house and kill herself in the woods so we arrived to find nobody we waited until the home owner got there than out of nowhere she comes with a coffee mug in her hand.. Turns out she is a known skitsophrenic and needs to go to the hospital

πŸ‘Œthat was the week

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jump street

This week really flew by... Starting on Wednesday I was with ptl Taylor and ptl mellor which btw ptl Taylor and Hoffman just got promoted to full time so that's cool. So I arrive and everyone was out on a call except for Sue and Srgt. Wells so I sat down for a little... There was some accident that had happened so I didn't think id get picked up for a while but then ten minutes later officer Taylor comes through the door along with mellor and we go to some new call about a irradic lady who wants to get restraining orders on her whole family so that was interesting. I now am starting to feel a lot smarter than before I have gathered so much more knowledge from being an intern here about police protocalls and what they can and can't do and it is very interesting also I learned what the academy is like and how not only physically but mentally demanding it is. But a couple things I learned were for instance handling of substances and the pick up and delivery method, also strict instructions and how to demand things... I am talking of course about officer Taylor and I were tasked with the very special operation of going to Wendy's and getting food then going to Taco Bell and getting food for the guys we had a list and we got it done with minimal casualties although they did forget officer mellors nachos. I also witnessed the shining of shoes and how painstakingly long that process can be unless you are Srgt. Wells who has it mastered.πŸ‘Œ
Anyway on Thursday I decided to get coffee for everyone but forgot the cream and sugar so they had to drink it black but I also brought a Brooklyn pizza for them which Srgt. Wells and I basically ate all of it... I met a lot of the officers because they had the range that night and all came in to suit up and get ready so I got to meet them another thing that was cool is I got to help load the cars for the range so I basically carried heleavy things and placed them in the squad cars in terms of tickets there were none Thursday was slow we only pulled one person over and issued a warning so that's that..

Friday I rolled around with officer Horton and tht was cool he is a really chill guy and if I ever become a police officer I want to mirror officer Horton and how he is with people. We drove around and we pulled one guy over who was from Canada which I thought was weird.. Like why are you here? But he had an expired license and it's pretty restricted what we can write people for so he got hit with a violation of travelers privlage and had a court date but hopefully he pays or his vacation may be extended a little. While out to lunch we were sitting down and a chesterfield cop called for backup on a serch which meant officer Hoffman having to go back him up while we all ate and what sucks is the serch came up empty nothing in the car so we brought his food back to the station and at that time it was time to roll I really didn't want to leave though I was having so much fun so I stayed for like another 15 before I decided to leave making me even more late to work than I already was.